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Track List

  1. Mercy! MP3
  2. (Will I Or Won't I) Leave You Blues MP3
  3. Love Me With A Feeling MP3
  4. My Daddy Rocks Me MP3
  5. Tell Me You Love Me MP3
  6. Hound Dog MP3
  7. Trouble MP3
  8. Goodbye Baby, So Long MP3
  9. Love You Like a Woman MP3
  10. Sugar In My Bowl MP3
  11. Let the Good Times Roll MP3
  12. Stand By Me MP3

Preview Tracks

MP3 Mercy! 1:00
MP3 (Will I Or Won't I) Leave You Blues 4:14
MP3 Love Me With A Feeling 2:30
MP3 My Daddy Rocks Me 1:05
MP3 Tell Me You Love Me 1:50
MP3 Hound Dog 3:05
MP3 Trouble 1:23
MP3 Goodbye Baby, So Long 1:50
MP3 Love You Like a Woman 1:05
MP3 Sugar In My Bowl 1:26
MP3 Let the Good Times Roll 2:05
MP3 Stand By Me 2:48

Album Credits

Co-Produced, Recorded on Location, and Mixed by Cynthia Daniels for Monk Music Productions, NYC. Location Recording Facilities provided by Nevessa Productions and Chris Anderson, Woodstock, NY.

Album Reviews

"BB's from Long Island by way of Philadelphia, but mercy, she sure does sound "Chicago," as in blues-drenched. This live recording catches her gutsy, swaggering voice leading a loose, playful bar band. You can almost smell the beer and see the neon lights shining through the tears!"• Jeff Lindholm, Dirty Linen, Baltimore, MD 1998
"Marla BB has a sultry and powerful set of pipes. Judging from this particular set, she also knows how to work a crowd!"• Blues Revue Magazine, USA, October 1997
"I didn't break your heart, you let it fall apart, Marla BB sings in the opening of her new album, Mercy! The blues lady gets rough and throaty in this collection..."• Lisa G. Karoly, The Philadelphia Inquirer, PA 1997