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Press & Reviews

"OOooooooo she's so cool! Marla BB sings with every emotion that the lyrics tenderly scream for, all with the heated passion of the diva she really is!"• Greg Jackson, PoetMan Records, USA
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"Whether you've got the Summer's Almost Over Blues or the Couldn't Land a King Salmon Blues or the Ol' Lady Just Left Me and Took the TiVo Blues, Marla BB has the blues to make your blues sound inconsequential. The blues goddess is in the middle of a 13-gig Alaska tour that started last week and will take her from Fox to Kodiak!"

• Hot Picks! Anchorage Daily News, Alaska, 2007

"Marla BB has been touring Alaska with a pick-up band of veteran 49th State players for the last two weeks, and if you have read BB's bio or heard her last record, Destiny Meets Devil At The Crossroads you might understand why this sentence doesn't include the descriptions 'blues singer,' 'folk singer,' 'gospel singer,' 'jazz singer' or 'opera diva' in front of her name. That's because Marla BB is, at times, each of those things..."

• Scott Christiansen, Kodiak Daily Mirror, Alaska, 2007

"'Marla BB is a wildly expressive singer, going from a low purr to a torrid, breathy vibrato to a high-throated Billie Holiday croon to a raw scream, all in the space of a couple lines,' wrote Ken Maiuri of the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Blues, funk, world music, whatever, expect musicians punching the boundaries when musically adventurous singer, Ms. BB comes to town!"

• Best Bets! Homer News, Alaska, 2007

"BB is best known around the Northeast for her steamy, quirky approach to the blues. 'The people I speak to are going to find me,' she said. 'The people who get it are going to love it!' BB promises a hard-driving live show with an emphasis on bluesy rock. 'Never quite straight-up, though, because it is a Marla BB concert,' she said."

• Features Editor Jeff Richardson, Daily News Miner, Alaska, 2007

"She's no angel, she's a gutsy woman in a man's world trying to succeed at what she loves best - Bombshell blues queen Marla BB kicks butt!

"She seems capable of pouring on the blues until everyone in the joint is floating."

• Daily Hampshire Gazette, Northampton, MA 2004
"The only woman I know who got me into the Tokyo Tower in 17 years. Marla BB rocked the KudanKaikan in Tokyo!"• Ed-Man, Entertainment, Blues Alive Japan 2003
"An electrifying fixture on the New York City Blues Scene for just over a decade, Marla BB is at long last blazing a trail of the hottest blues imaginable across western Canada."• Mark Weber, Red Deer Express, Alberta, Canada 2002
"With her critically praised vocals and penchant for sitting in the laps of audience members when she feels so inclined, the fiery singer is known for getting her audience, shall we say, excited. 'I'm going to get to know this town,' BB said this week. 'This is my little adventure in the wild west.'"• The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 2002
"Acclaimed singer Marla BB, usually billed as New York City's Sassy Mama, has spent much of her musical career touring the US performing in jazz and blues clubs with her many back-up bands as well as recording and producing her own CDs."• Amherst Bulletin, Amherst, MA 2001
"Marla BB, a blues singer and second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, will headline Friday's Free Yourself! show in Northampton. The event will bring together music and martial arts to raise awareness of domestic violence.... Free Yourself! which is being billed as 'an evening of martial arts and music for the whole family,' is more than just a merging of black belts and the blues. Free Yourself! is a benefit show for Safe Passage."• The Recorder, Greenfield, MA 2001
"She's got a voice that's somewhere between languid blues icon Billie Holiday and throaty ragged rocker Janis Joplin... Marla BB, blistering hot mama blues."• Valley Advocate, Pioneer Valley, MA 2000
"Marla BB's sassy yet soulful vocals either live or pre-recorded emit a feeling and force that seem to enhance her performing confidence. If you haven't heard this talented woman, I highly recommend you check her out! Her CD Mercy! was recorded live at C.H.I.C.A.G.O. Blues in New York City..."• Blues Alive - Tokyo's Blues Source, Japan, May/June 2000
"BB was influenced by the likes of Mamie Smith, Bessie Smith, and Ma Rainey. 'I'm an entertainer, like the classic blues queens,' she said. 'They would work the band and work the audience. And that's my tradition - somebody says "What do you play?" I play the house!'"• Kenneth Bays, Blues Revue Magazine, USA, November 1999
"By surrounding herself with the best blues players, Marla BB travels down the path and joins in the choir of great blues ladies. She can rock you gently or roll you for all you have, she is hot even when she cools down. With her incredible vocal range her style is unmistakable, Marla BB burns with the blues! • Ralph Bowling, The Arkansan, Jonesboro, AR, July 1998
"Marla BB puts herself out there as a belter, but I tend to prefer the fragility in her voice on the quieter stuff like Sugar In My Bowl and Stand By Me over the more obvious faster numbers on this live-in-New-York recording."• Blues Access Magazine, USA, Fall 1997
"BB has a big, powerful voice and her new six-piece band provides the big powerful sound needed to keep up with her. While BB can belt out the boogie, she also has a remarkably deft range of tone and expression. In a single beat BB can jump from the searing, desperate howl of a bludgeoned heart to a teasing, intimate coo..."• Tri-State Blues, NY/NJ/CT, January 1997
"Described as searing, soulful, and sexy, Marla BB is one red-hot momma!"• Erik Schwartz, Times Chronicle-Glenside, PA 1996
"Marla BB, one of the hottest acts on the music circuit."• The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN 1995
"Breaking down those sugar walls, blues singer Marla BB..."• Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco, CA 1995
"Nuances of her Russian-Hebrew origins can be felt in her quite unusual approach to the blues. One listener called to remark on the "acid soulfulness" of Marla BB." • Edoardo "Catfish" Fassio, Flash Radio 97.6, Italy 1994
"Oooh girl. She was gettin' down, I ain't lyin'. You talk about knockin' 'em dead, she was knockin' 'em dead! • Jesse Mae Hemphill - Legendary Delta Blues Artist, Mississippi 1994
"Some years ago she stopped studying voice and developed her own sound, which, judging from her latest EP, has matured into a jazzy, racy, sizzling sound, like Janis Joplin singing classical jazz. Her style is clear and bold, akin to a big city jazz house of the Roaring '20s rather than a Mississippi Delta roadhouse of the '30s."• The Daily Mississippian, Oxford, MS 1993
"This lady has the talent to take the world-wide blues scene by storm with a superb voice that ranges from an orgasmic whisper to a full throated roar often over the space of just a few syllables!"• Blues & Rhythm - The Gospel Truth, England 1992