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Music Workshops

Music Workshops
- with Marla BB, Blues Singer and Teacher

"As a martial artist whose every movement is done with an external breath for explosive force, as a singer who can hold her notes as long as she wants to with as much intensity be it hushed or hollered, textured sweetly or a gravelly growl, I can demonstrate for you how to use your breath & support it with your body to have the best voice you potentially can!"• Marla BB, 2003

Contact Marla BB for Schedules and Fees.
(Sliding scale available & Reduced rates for families.)

Phone: 413-296-0187

Sing with your Body, Breath & Spirit!

Do you want to sing your favorite song and not be shy about it? Do you want to be heard and not hurt your throat? Do you want to enjoy the soundwaves of your own voice? This workshop is for you!

Marla BB, nationally touring Blues singer for over 20 years will sing for you, soothe you and stir you to do the same with your own body, breath, and voice. You too can learn how to reach in & rock out...

Marla BB leads this workshop at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (see evening programs), Shelburne Falls Yoga, Inspirit Common, and the surrounding community.

It's one thing to be a great singer, but quite another to help others find their voices! This was such an uplifting workshop.• Patti, Program Development
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
You're so good, you're bad!• Jaime, Ecuador
R&R Evening Workshop Participant

"Breath" for the Voice, Body, Mind, & Spirit!

From the amateur lay person to the working professional - learn how to use your breath to its maximum potential for your voice, body, mind & spirit. Whether it's just to be heard when you speak, or reaching the last row when you sing. To being taken seriously when you assert yourself, or engaging a room full of people when you talk. Whether it be for self-defense or self-control, entertaining, or inspirational speaking. You will understand how to use your body with your breath for accessing more power than ever before.

How to Access the Depths of Your Breath
& Body for Total Support of Your Voice

Dynamic external breathing will be looked at and experienced from the inside out. Learn how to use your breath and move your body to support your voice. Breathe from the base of your spine to the base of your skull, engaging all the internal muscles in-between, for maximum power and control. Gain the mental understanding of how to use the physical voice toward your own optimal potential, or how to push your voice to the limit without losing it! This will be a "Voice On" workshop with immediate results ready to be tried. Benefits include the release of stress, with sound spiraling out through body and breath. This is an expansive class taught by one who has studied the voice and body for 30 years.

Marla BB also teaches her Breath workshops at the PAWMA Martial Arts Training Camps and the NWMAF's Special Training Camps.

"An evening of martial arts and music for the whole family,' is more than just a merging of black belts and the blues - Free Yourself!, brainchild of Marla BB, is a benefit show for Safe Passage. Martial arts and music may seem like odd bedfellows, but according to BB they actually complement each other nicely. 'I know for myself, I've been training in martial arts the past 10 years and it reinforces my body work and my breathing and my voice so it's the total backbone to my strength as a singer."• The Recorder, Greenfield, MA 2003
"BB gets her energy onstage from the work she does off. 'If I'm not doing music,' she said, 'I'm doing martial arts.' Music and martial arts may seem a world apart, but BB doesn't think so. 'They go hand in hand,' she said. 'It keeps me in shape for singing. Breathing is so important in both.'"• Amherst Bulletin, MA 2001